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Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU)


The CUMH Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit is a specialised unit where trained ultra-sonographers provide scans for women in early pregnancy. This unit is appointment based, and your GP or the Emergency Room will organise the scan appointment for you.

The CUMH Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit is located at the CUMH Kinsale Road Clinic.

*Please note: It moved from the Aislinn Suite in CUMH on 28 August 2023.*

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Blood tests


Blood tests will sometimes be used to give doctors more information about your pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone or HCG is a blood test that can be performed in early pregnancy.


This is done when:

  • an ultrasound scan is inconclusive

  • the gestation of a pregnancy is unknown

  • there is a query that the pregnancy is not in the right location i.e. in a suspected ectopic pregnancy

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Two or more results are needed, usually 48 hours apart, in order to accurately interpret the test. If the HCG increases by more than 60% in 48 hours this is reassuring and is likely to be associated with a healthy viable pregnancy. If the HCG decreases by more than 15%, this suggests a likely miscarriage. It is important that blood results are interpreted in conjunction with a detailed history, a clinical exam and if medically indicated, an ultrasound scan.


In all cases, the blood HCG test is performed to help the medical team to plan the appropriate care for you.

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